In 90's Turkey entered into growth process by opening itself to foreign countries economically. By taking some steps such as the Customs Union with EU, floating exchange rate system,the change in the rules of Import Law etc. increased the development of the country. As a result booms of  the economy are especially observed in the  construction market which is the most effective market in business.
Doruk Teknik Company is established during this period in Ankara.Its purpose was to meet the needs of the construction market which was growing very quickly. Therefore it  started to serve the construction market by meeting the engineers and the business people with the new, contemporary construction materials which are designed and produced by state of the art technology. Doruk Teknik brought the products of the companies   abroad in  USA and EU   which are experts in their fields to Turkey and by this way it aimed to fill a very important gap in the construction materials market.
Among these products; there are expansion joint profiles, wall protection profiles (aluminium covered by vinyl), decoration and ending profiles, glassfiber wall coverings, glassfiber asphalt geogrids, geotextiles and geosynthetic products.
In the future, Doruk Teknik aims to strengthen its position in the market by presenting the most economic, correct solutions to its customers as it did in the past. Among its plans , there are to widen its product range, to meet the needs of the market which are changing day by day, besides the import activities to start the production in its own facility, not only to the local market but to make business with the neighbour countries, to increase the export etc.
With our 25 years experience , we aim to present  the state of the art construction materials in the world to Turkish  engineers and architects and to benefit to Turkish construction market by  presenting permanent solutions to the construction problems .
Our essential principle is to perform our promises to our customers.We  purpose to understand and meet the expectations, needs of our customers perfectly with our all staff and by improving our quality system continously.Additionaly our indispensable principle is to serve our customers with the most appropriate product with the most suitable conditions
























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